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THE HEALER YOU ARE March 10th -12th

3-Day Retreat | March 10-12, 2023

Private location surrounded by nature near the lake


Cost: $450

Payment Plans Available

Cost includes Food & Lodging


Group B.E.S.T. Sessions

Exploration of Dreams

Ma Sa Ya chant, mudra, mediation

How to feed yourself from the Inside OUT

How to be led by your own Inner Vision

Receive an Intuitive Akashic Reading + Group Discussion Integration

Heart Opening Mediation

Yoga: Power Flow & Yin

Central Channel Breathing

Embodiment of the Chakras

Step out of your Busy Life for an Opportunity to Relax & Re:Connect to Yourself and to what is most important in Life!
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Restore your Energy with a Digital Detox (Tech Free) Experience in a beautiful space with others who want to Explore the definition of their Masculinity.


Experience the musical gifts of Chris Campbell who will provide an amazing sound bath that will prepare and open you into powerful breathwork and guided visualization meditations. He will also guide movement practices to help unlock and release stagnant energy in the body.


Receive your Personal Sacred Masculine Power Reading from the Akashic Records prior to the retreat and gain insights into yourself that you can then explore more deeply in a small group setting during the retreat.


Start the day with some Stretching and Yoga to get the body comfortable, then enjoy a healthy breakfast on the back deck listening to the Birds, the Wind in the trees, or a gurgling waterfall.  Feel the Spaciousness at night, looking up at the stars or gazing deep into the fire.


Both Brian & Chris have dedicated their lives to helping people to be Happier & Healthier in a variety of ways for years and are excited to be offering this Collaboration specifically designed for Men.

3-Day Retreat | May 5-7, 2023

45 Minutes North of Dallas

Investment: $555

Payment Plans Available Upon Request

Cost includes: Personal Reading, Food & Lodging

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