Workshops & Events

Want to know how to live in Alignment with your Mission and Purpose?
Want to know your Super Power?
5 Week Dharma Class: Align with your Super Power
Monday's starting April 12th 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM (CST)
Online via Zoom
Participants will receive a Dharma Reading in preparation for the class. The 5 weeks will then be spent going deeper with the information provided so that each individual may gain a deep understanding of how their dharma functions and how to apply its transformative power to their life.
Golbahar has a passion for teaching and serving others and wants to aid you to make a quantum shift in consciousness so that you can live the life you are meant to live.
The class includes:
  • A Personal Dharma Reading
  • A Deep dive into your personal profile
  • Application and understanding of your nightly dreams
  • Affirmations and practices to aid alignment
  • Understanding the relationship between your karma and dharma
Class + reading is $350. To join the class, book below or send us a message. Once you are booked, Golbahar will reach out to schedule your reading.
Note: If you already have a dharma reading, the price is $250 and you will be unable to book online. Please send us a message in order to claim your spot.
Weekend Retreats
Our Weekend retreats are an overnight experiential workshop where you receive a personal reading on the chosen weekend topic and get the opportunity to immerse yourself in understanding it.  They are intimate events limited to 16 participants so that we and our trained assistants can really work with you individually and in small groups.  Experience a Questions 4 the Universe live session to go even deeper into that weekends topic.  Great food, a natural setting and fun, educational presentations make these popular weekends.  The most often used word that people use to describe their experience is transformational! 
Due to the ongoing pandemic, our weekend retreats have been postponed. Stay connected with us to learn about future upcoming events.