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Visualization & Manifestation Class!

Dates  1.4-2.8

Golbahar and I are excited to offer the Visualization & Manifestation Class and the perfect time to do it is the beginning of a New Year!  We have had a great year and have learned a few more things that we want to pass on!  

Let's get ready to release 2021 and any blockages or limitations we might have and embrace 2022; The Year We make Our Dreams come True!

Your Creative Mind Reading will give specifics on how your Conscious & Subconscious Minds can more optimally work together to Manifest Your Desires.  The Class work, Exercises and Lessons are Universal and apply to us all.  The combination gives you everything you need to move in the Direction of Your Dreams!

Learn TO read the akashic records sOLO

Beginning January 19TH, 2022

Open Textbook in Library

A 8 week class. Completion of Mind Mastery 101 required. More details coming soon.