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Current offerings

Chakra wisdom exploration Class


8 week online class
Starts March 28th-May 16th 2023

During this 8 week class, you will learn about the chakras and how to apply the wisdom of the chakras. Every student receives a personal Chakra Optimization reading and 7 chakra support stones mailed right to you! Once you leave this class, you will also have an understanding of how to clear energy blockages and create greater energy flow. Class will meet every Tuesday for eight weeks beginning March 28th. Class is from 7:30 to 9:30 pm CST. 


Mind mastery 101

6 Week Class - Starts Feb 9th-March 22nd 12th 2023

The goal of this class is to establish a Spiritual/Mental Foundation through daily practices & exercises that become Your Bedrock! A house (Mind) built on Bedrock does not get washed or blown away by unexpected Life Happenings! The new Mind Mastery Reading is designed to assess where you are and what you need to build that solid foundation and deep connection to Self! Class will meet every Wednesday for six weeks beginning Feb 9th. Class is from 7:30 to 9:30 pm CST.

What is included in the class?
  • Receive a personal Mind Mastery Reading
  • Learn to use your mind to be happier, healthier, and more successful
  • Discover keys to deepen meditation
  • Harness mind power with mental exercises

Creative Mind & Manifestation Class

5 week immersion

classes Starts Jan,12th 

This class teaches the “secrets” of the Creative Mind and Manifestation and how to Align with Universal Laws!  We will look at the structure of the Mind, Conscious & Subconscious and the 7 Step Process for Visualization.  Get ready to release 2022 and any blockages or limitations you might have and embrace 2023; The Year We make Our Dreams come True!


Your ”Edgar Cayce style” Creative Mind Reading will give specifics on how your Conscious & Subconscious Minds can more optimally work together to Manifest Your Desires. The Class work, Exercises and Lessons are Universal and apply to us all. The combination gives you everything you need to move in the Direction of Your Dreams!

- Weekly Videos 
- Email & Text Support 
-1:1 Support Offered 

Special Packages, Group Discounts and Payment Plans Available. If you have the Desire, We will help you to Make it Happen!
Breath & Meditiation.jpg

Breath & Meditation

Online 2 Hour  Experience 

Join Lyndsy & Brian for a Relaxing & Restorative 2-hour journey of Breathwork
and guided meditation! This Online Experience will aid you to destress and empty
yourself. Give yourself the Gift of Inner Peace and a Relaxed Mind for the
Holidays! Learn two easy techniques to help you to relax anywhere!
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