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Personal Readings

We (Golbahar and Brian) have been working together as a team for over seven years and have done readings for hundreds and hundreds of people.  Our training, over twenty-five combined years of studying mind, body and spirit, allows us to access the Akashic Records, the Universal Record of everything that has ever happened, and provide objective, unbiased truth straight from subconscious mind.  These “Edgar Cayce” style readings offer valuable wisdom and guidance that when implemented can aid you to experience tremendous breakthroughs and accelerated personal/spiritual growth.  You also get to ask five questions as a part of each reading.  We currently offer 10 different types of readings, offering even greater personalization for each individual.


Personal Readings average around 25 minutes and take place online via Zoom. We record it and email it to you immediately.  

Success Coaching

For over ten years, Brian and Golbahar have seen people from 17 to 81 years of age from diverse backgrounds become Happier, Healthier and more Successful. They have aided people to tap into the tremendous power of their own minds and to transform their lives in amazing ways!

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